About me

I love sharing my expertise and passion in the fields of Akashic Records, Family Constellations, Metabreathing and Women’s Circles.

Noemí Lázaro

International trainer of Akashic Records 
Therapist of Breathwork-Metabreathing 
Family Constellations
Women’s Circles facilitatorand trainer

My Kaleidoscope and my Secret Garden

When it comes to talk about me, then I start doubting what to tell once explained that my name is Noemí.

On a familiar level, I am daughter of José María and Inocencia, sister of Ruth and Aunt of Inés and Sara, lifemate of Víctor (with whom I have created Metabreathing) and also the granddaughter of José Maria and Maria Ángeles and Evaristo and Inocencia, the great-granddaughter of Francisco and Concha, Casimiro and Vicenta, Evaristo and Ana María and Jose María and Inocencia and great-great-granddaughter of many previous generations whose names I don’t know. They build a lovely family tree that gives me the roots that I need to have wings.

On a geographicall level, I was born in Calatayud (Spain) and I have lived in Calatayud, Zaragoza, Madrid, Germany, Switzerland and for some years now in Pamplona (Spain). For my friends I was from Calatayud when I lived in Zaragoza, I was from Zaragoza when I lived in Madrid and Pamplona, and for my friends in Germany, Switzerland and USA I’m Naomi aus Spanien /d’Espagne / from Spain.

On an academic level, I’m a bachelor of German Studies, MA in Teaching German as a Foreign Language and PhD in Autonomous Learning Centers for Independent Language Learning. Now I’m also a Psychology student.

On a working level, I have been employed and unemployed, fellow, technician, specialist, manager, middle manager, a teacher at primary and secondary school, university and adult education, and now I am also a facilitator of Family Constellations and Rebirthing. I offer Akashic Records Readings and I work the field of Communication and as a Doula.

On a personal level, I discover myself everyday as I go on finding new masks and unknown parts of me.

On a developmental level, I am the little girl that I was, the teenager that I was, the young that I was and the adult that I am being. Sometimes the one, sometimes the other, sometimes all mixed at the same time.

In fact, and coming back to the question about what to tell about me, I feel that I am the sum of all this and I’m also much more, as a mosaic, a kaleidoscope changing configuration at all times.

On this Website and on Vivir desde la Pulsión (you can get it translated
automatically into English) I share part of what I have learnt on my pathway of personal growth in recent years. With these websites I take a step ahead in this journey of personal growth and I expose myself sharing with others what I have enjoyed for long time on my own in my Secret Garden. I hope you can also enjoy it.