«From my own personal growth process, I accompany you in your life processes. From a place of respect, love and care, I invite you to discover your own potential for joy and love of life.
From soul to soul.
From heart to heart.”
Noemí (Nartan)


  • Therapist, trained at the OSHO Humaniversity in the Netherlands
  • Rebirth-Rebirthing, trained with Fanny van Laere at the International School of Rebirth Bioflow and Conexión Consciente, as well as with Leonard Orr, creator of the technique
  • Family Constellations, trained with Svagito Liebermeister and Vedanta Suravi
  • Akashic Records, Mastery with María del Mar Rodilla
  • Doula, Ileana Rota School
  • OSHO Active Meditations, certified with Garimo Ackermann
  • Social Meditations, certified by the OSHO Humaniversity of Holland
  • Cum Laude Doctor in Language Teaching at the UNED of Madrid
  • Graduate in German Philology from the Complutense University of Madrid

This is how I want to live to accompany you on your path.

I want to feel as comfortable with myself as possible, to accompany you to reach ever deeper spaces of Self-love and Self-acceptance.

I want to know my blind spots, to be accurate when I invite you to see yours.

I want to be aware of my shadows and compassionate with the suffering they cause me, to lovingly hold space during your own process.

I want to enjoy my life and feel satisfied with myself, to encourage you to find your strength to do it too and to bet on yourself.

I want to feel all the emotions, so that you have trust and you can also experience all your own emotions.

I want to look into my own eyes in the mirror and feel fulfilled with myself, to reinforce your commitment on your internal journey towards Love towards you.

I want to have many tools for “Coming Home” (meditation, therapy, sharing, dance, emotional nourishment, writing, singing, art, etc.), so you can in turn create your own toolbox.

I want to feel passionate about everything I do in my life, so that you commit to feeling more alive and passionate every day.

I want to love, be loved and live more and more lovingly every day, so that you connect with the truth that "The only thing that heals is Love."

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Thank you for reading me. Breathing,
Noemí (Nartan)

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