Akashic Records

Receive answers to your questions.
Connect with your own Inner Voice.
Live from the Heart.

Your Heart is a fortune cookie, full of messages.

I am fascinated by the idea that your heart, my heart, is like a Chinese fortune cookie of Life, where what you do is you look at it and a message appears. Then it is there as your Higher Self, or Life, or the Universe, or God, or however you feel, or your own Heart, to give you a message providing clarity and well-being.

Akashic Records is a very simple channelling technique to connect with the brain of the heart and thus to be able to see, listen and speak from the heart, which is why I call it HEARTING. You could describe it as accessing the “wikipedia of your soul”. There you find all the information you need for your life at this moment. In my Akashic Records readings I connect to that source of information, and answer your questions about yourself and everything you want to know.

I will be very happy to accompany you in a reading of the Akashic Records. You need to prepare seven questions about things that affect you in your life and then I will give you the answer “under Wikipedia”, or Life’s fortune cookie.

As well, if you feel like learning to channel on your own then I have different Akashic Records trainings in different places and also online. I would love to offer you this gift so that you can look at your cookies whenever you want.

Akashic Record Readings

Aspects worked on and benefits

In an Akashic Records reading, both online and in person, you receive clear and concise answers to a series of questions about important aspects of your life such as relationship issues, health, work, family, etc.

Who is it for?

Akashic Records readings are useful for anyone who wants to connect with the truth of their heart and receive direction and guidance for their life. No previous experience is needed.

What questions can I ask?

Questions can be as specific as you want. It is better to avoid questions whose answers are yes/no since they do not provide much information, as well as questions about the future or matters that do not concern you.

These are some examples of possible questions:

  • Why did it happen…? What do I have to learn from this experience?
    What are the beliefs or patterns that limit me on the subject (money, work, friendship, etc…)?
    What should I know or what relationship do I have with my mother, father, partner, children…?
    How can I improve my relationship with…? What should I learn from my conflict with…? What do we have to learn…?
    What should I know about this that limits me?
    What should I know about the situations that appear repeatedly in my life?
    What are they trying to tell me?
    Why did I choose this situation…?
    How to guide my professional life?
    How can I help…?
    What should I know about what has happened to me?
    Is there anything I should know to continue on my path?
    What should I know about abundance, health, happiness, wealth…plenty?
    What lessons did I choose to learn in this life?
    What are my gifts?
    What is the purpose of my life? What is the best way to fulfil it?
How does a session work?

An Akashic Records session lasts one hour.

We will start by talking about your questions and with a short meditation.

Then I will begin to channel the answer to your questions for you and you can ask for examples, first steps and all the clarifications you want.

I record your session and I will send you a copy so you can listen again to the very healing content of the channelling that I will do for you.

Online and in-person sessions

I do online sessions by videoconference. I also do in-person sessions in Pamplona, Zaragoza, Barcelona and Madrid. Contact me to see availability.

Individual Session

  • Prepare 7 questions
  • Individual Session
  • On-line
  • In-person
  • 60 minutes

Couples session

  • Prepare 6 questions (2 individual ones each and 2 joint)
  • Session for couples
  • On-line
  • In-person
  • 60 minutes

In-person course

  • Receive certificate at the end
  • Individualized supervision
  • Small groups
  • 2 days in person
  • 16 hours

Online course

  • Receive certificate at the end
  • Individualized supervision
  • Small groups
  • 3 online sessions
  • 16 hours

Akashic Records Courses

Aspects worked on and benefits

In my Akashic Records course I accompany you in a loving and playful way to connect with your heart through a simple channelling technique.

I teach you how to connect with the information field of the Akashic Records in order to be able to do readings on yourself and also on other people and things. This course includes Levels I and II.

I also call this way of connecting with the Akashic Records HEARTING, since it is learning to see, hear and speak with the brain of the heart. This gives you very high state of emotional well-being.

What is the course about and why do it?

In the course I will teach you how to channel Akashic Records, which I also call tuning into “Heart Radio”, so that you can receive answers to important questions for yourself and for other people.

You will learn to distinguish when you connect with “Mind Radio” or “Stomach Radio”, or when you really channel from “Heart Radio”.

Through body awareness exercises, meditation, dance and music, you will easily and joyfully connect to your inner wisdom and the most loving part of you.

With humour and love you can connect with the joy of living.

Who is it for?

All people have the ability to connect with the source of infinite wisdom and achieve clarity with the issues that concern us. Therefore, this course is for you if you want to connect more with your heart and learn how to do Record readings. No previous experience is necessary.


Level I :

  • What are the Akashic Records?
  • How to open your own Akashic Records
  • Practical uses of the Records
  • Channelling exercises

Level II :

  • How to open the Akashic Records of other people and things
  • Heart-mind-stomach differential channelling exercises
  • Practice readings for other people
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