Discover how to better manage your emotions.

Increase your connection with your body.

Enjoy contact with other people.

Knowing how to enter and exit your emotions will give you mastery over your life.

AUM Meditation (Awareness Understanding Meditation) is a Meditation of Consciousness and Understanding It is a social meditation developed by Veeresh from the Osho Humaniversity in Holland in which you connect with different emotions. It is an hour and a half journey (in the Mini AUM version) through 13 different emotional states: rage, forgiveness, love, madness, dance, crying, laughter, sensuality, communion, centring, silence, etc. It is a group meditation, with movement, music and social interaction.

I am an AUM Leader certified by the Osho Humaniversity, which authorizes me to offer AUM meditation. I would love to have the opportunity to share this “sooooo cool” and transformative meditation with you. Contact me to find out about upcoming dates or if you want to organize a session in your city.

Aspects worked on and benefits

The idea is that an emotionally healthy person should “be able to access any emotion in a minute just by trying.” AUM meditation, created by Veeresh at Osho Humaniversity (Netherlands), is a gym for going into and coming out of all emotions from a place of consciousness. When you finish this meditation, thanks to the emotional discharge and the process of awareness that you go through, you feel:

  • much lighter
  • more free
  • with more space for life and enjoyment
  • more alive
What is this meditation about and why do it?

The AUM meditation lasts an hour and a half (in the mini version) and you go through 13 different emotional states in an experiential way.

Doing this is like cleaning your emotional pipes and thus being more available to live the emotions in your life in a clearer and healthier way.

You will learn to feel your different emotions, to be able to choose when to enter and exit them according to when they are really necessary in your life.

Who is it for?

AUM meditation can be done by anyone who wants to explore their emotions and live more happily. No previous experience is necessary.

If you have heart problems, seizure disorders, use any medication or are pregnant, talk to me and we will look at your particular case.

Do you want to organize an AUM Meditation in your city?

If you would like to organize an AUM Meditation in your city, contact me. I am an AUM leader certified by the Osho Humaniversity, which authorizes me to offer this transformative meditation.

Next dates

Check my calendar to see upcoming dates.

AUM Meditation Session

  • In-person
  • Small groups
  • No previous experience is necessary
  • Duration: 3 hours

This meditation has been developed at the Osho Humaniversity in the Netherlands. Only people certified by this institution can provide it:

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