Your family history affects you unconsciously.
Heal your family tree to heal your current life.
Honour your ancestors with your own happiness.

Without roots, there are no wings. Heal yourself to fly.

Family Constellations are the first thing I started my path of personal growth with and I still find them to be a very powerful and transformative tool. It’s like taking a submarine and entering the 90% of the iceberg of your unconscious, where the hidden loyalties to your family system are kept.

With Family Constellations you become aware of these family loyalties and transform your unconscious and blind love (and remember that blind love kills…) into love that is conscious and respectful of the life and destiny of those who preceded you and made it possible for you to be here today. It’s honouring what happened to them and doing something good with your life. A beautiful, deep and transformative work. Highly recommended.

What is a session?

In an individual or group session of Family Constellations, whether in person or online, we will explore together the deep and unconscious dynamics that make your life blocked in some aspect such as relationships, with your family or friends, health, work or money. Many of our current limitations have to do with events that occurred in your parents’, grandparents’, or previous generations. Without knowing it, that is, unconsciously, you are repeating painful patterns belonging to your family or limiting yourself due to hidden loyalties with your ancestors.

In Family Constellations there are no workshops, since cars are not repaired, but rather seminars are held, because seeds are sown that magically germinate later. Far from feeling that your problems are embarrassing and unique, group constellations allow you to see the type of “backpack” we all carry. In the group seminars, phenomenological observation exercises are combined with constellations themselves.

Why I am fascinated by Constellations

The first time I was at a Family Constellations seminar it was like a rolling pin was rolling over me. Many of the things I had believed were undone and many that I had not even intuited until then became evident. They changed the way I saw and felt, and the way I saw and felt the world, life.

For me they are an excellent therapy and school of life and they have nourished me so much that now, after years of attending workshops, reading about constellations and taking training courses, I offer them to other people as a facilitator of group seminars and individual sessions.

Family constellations is:

  • A path of self-knowledge
  • A therapeutic route
  • A school of life
Aspects worked on and benefits

Family Constellations is a personal growth system developed by Bert Hellinger that has a therapeutic component. Constellations help unblock aspects of your life where you feel you are stuck:

  • conflictive family relationships
  • difficulties with work
  • blockages with personal relationships
  • money issues
  • emotions that surpass you, etc.
What are the Natal (Birth) Script Constellations?

Birth script Constellations are a novel fusion between Rebirthing and Family Constellations that have been developed by Robert Alnet and Dorotea Martínez Fucci in which the Constellations tool is used to become aware of and transform a person’s birth script.

It is a very powerful, beautiful technique with extraordinary results. If you want to know more, contact me and I will tell you more details.

Who are they for?

To carry out an individual session or attend a Constellations seminar you only need to have desire and enthusiasm. No prior preparation is necessary, nor is there any subsequent task to follow.

Online and in person

The work of Family Constellations can be done in person and also online. It is an energetic and awareness-raising work, so the level of depth and effectiveness of the online sessions is really excellent. I have proven this amply in all the years of experience I have doing sessions with people from all countries in the world in Spanish and English.

I currently offer in-person sessions of Family Constellations in Pamplona Iruña (Spain). I will be delighted to welcome you to my practice.

I also do individual face-to-face sessions in Barcelona, Bilbao, Donosti/ San Sebastián, Logroño, Madrid, Tarragona, Vitoria and Zaragoza. Contact me to give you more details.

I hold Constellations seminars in Barcelona, Logroño, Pamplona / Iruña, Vitoria and Zaragoza.

How does a session work?

In a session you tell me what it is that limits or disturbs you in your life at this moment, and together we will unravel where said blockage comes from, so that through a very beautiful energetic work of recognition of what it was, we can open a very liberating space of awareness. From there, the magic of Family Constellations emerges and you will be surprised by the deep and lasting changes that occur in your life.

A session begins with a conversation where we will talk about what is disturbing you at this moment in your life.

In the case of an individual session, we will begin to work with your body awareness and with visualizations to find the systemic origin of the issue at hand.

In the case of a group session, we would ask the other participants to represent different people or aspects of the topic.

The session ends with a closing dialogue in which you can integrate what you experienced and apply it to your daily life.


Individual Session

  • On-line
  • In-person
  • 90 minutes

Group seminars

  • In-person
  • Exercises and practices
  • Half-day, day or weekend workshops

The orders of love

For me, Family Constellations are, in addition to being a very useful therapy, a way of understanding life.

In 2007 I did Constellations for the first time and they simply changed my life. Three basic laws that allow love to flow and that Bert Hellinger called the Orders of Love:

  • The law of belonging
  • The law of order
  • The law of balance between giving and receiving

Simple laws. Simple and very powerful.

I want to honour my two great teachers in Constellations, Svagito Liebermesiter and Vedanta Suravi, with whom I have trained and whom I greatly admire. Thanks to them and the professional training they offer, I am passionate about Constellations.

I also want to honour and thank my family tree from my parents to my great-grandparents. Only great-grandfather Paco and great-grandmother Concha are missing. When I look at the faces of my ancestors I feel very accompanied in the world. They give me strength and these roots give me wings (as the title of Bertold Ulsamer’s book suggests).

Some questions about Family Constellations

Here I share some answers to some questions that I have been asked over time.

But Constellations have nothing to do with predicting the future or things like that, right?

In Constellations you cannot predict the future, you only see an x-ray of the deep dynamics of a situation that currently disturbs you. What happens in the future is totally out of the reach of a Constellation.

They don't bring anything negative in, do they?

A Constellation does not bring in anything negative, but rather shows what, in fact, you are already experiencing and that already disturbs you, just unconsciously. What the Constellation does is dive into the unconscious (90% of the origin of our decisions) to be able to understand and transcend those dynamics of limitation that, de facto, are already operating in your life.

Do they serve to improve things?

Constellations serve to remove from the unconscious those patterns of limitation that make you suffer and allow a new vision to settle in the conscious. In themselves, they do not fix anything, but when you go from the unconscious to the conscious, those patterns stop operating on you.

What is the worst that can happen in a Constellation?

Constellations are based on love, so the worst that can happen is that your being is not prepared to understand something at a given moment and that what you see in the Constellation only serves to shed a little light and just begins to put you in touch with the message.

Professional training in Family Constellations in Spain with Svagito Liebermeister

A path of personal and professional growth led by Svagito Liebermeister and Vedanta Suravi.

I have been lucky enough to train in Family Constellations with Svagito Liebermeister and Vedanta Suravi. They are both my teachers and serve as a professional and personal model for me.

Over the years, in addition to being a student, I have been able to collaborate as an assistant in their professional training and the truth is that I consider it a true privilege.

Professional training in Family Constellations with Svagito and Vedanta is divided into three levels: Level I, Level II and Level III Shock and Tauma. It can be done in Spain and other countries. Check their schedule.

In addition to these three levels, Svagito offers other very interesting complementary training in Spain: Zen Therapy Counseling and Couple Dynamics, and Pulsation: Neo-Reichian Breathing and Body Energy Work.

What I love about these trainings is the double component:

  • Technical: the Family Constellations technique developed by Bert Hellinger and the shock-trauma technique are studied and practised.
  • Personal and spiritual: meditation is the basis of all therapeutic practice, which is why OSHO active meditations such as dynamics and kundalini are practised daily.

I love this dual approach and it helps me go deeper and deeper into my professional practice and my personal path.

Well, something else that makes this training a pleasure for the senses is the sea in front of which we work, meditate and in which I bathe with great joy in June, September and even November. It is a hotel in Alcanar in the province of Tarragona that is a luxury facing a sea of great beauty.

Svagito Liebermeister, author of books such as The Roots of Love and The Zen of Counselling, is an international trainer. In addition to everything demonstrating that he is a great professional, I personally would like to highlight the subtlety and mastery of his work, in addition to his quality as a person. I appreciate him deeply and I am very grateful for everything I have been able to learn from him and continue to learn.

Everything about Svagito is recommended: his books, his videos and his courses. For me he is a figure of a very high level.

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