Because you live the way you breathe,

change your life by changing your breathing.

Heal your past to enjoy your present.

Breathe the Light that you are. Live the Light that you are.

Breathing is the first thing we do as soon as we are born and it will be the last thing we do when we die. The point is that we breathe as we live and we live as we breathe. And if we modify the way we breathe, we also modify the way we live.

That’s why conscious breathing is a magnifying glass of how you are living. And it can also become a platform to transform those patterns that limit you in your life.

With Rebirthing or Rebirth, a very powerful Conscious Breathing technique, I can accompany you in online and in-person sessions so that you discover who you are, how you are living and, above all, who you want to be and how you want to live. I will love to be able to accompany you in this magical process so that you become you and so that you can breathe the Light that you are and you can live the Light that you are.

Individual sessions

Two phrases that people very often say to me after their first Rebirthing Conscious Breathing session are the following: “This is very surprising and powerful” and “How is this possible if I all I did was breathe?”

That’s right, individual Rebirthing sessions, both online and in person, are deeply beautiful and transformative and nothing anybody else says can fully describe it: it is something that is best experienced in person. I invite you to contact me and try.

Aspects worked on and benefits

In individual sessions of Rebirthing Conscious Breathing, we focus on those aspects of your life in which you feel in difficulty: family, partnership, work, health, friendship, lack of purpose or abundance, recurring and limiting emotions, obsessive thoughts, or any another topic that worries you at this moment.

After a session you will feel lighter, more confident, and with more life force.

Who are they for?

The sessions are aimed at adults and adolescents who want to have a deeper understanding of what is limiting them in their lives and who want to find the keys to transform it in their daily lives.

No prior experience of any kind is necessary.

How does a session work?

A session, online or in person, lasts approximately two hours. At the beginning we talk about what issues are currently disturbing you in your life and see what your need is at the moment.

For approximately one hour I accompany you in a connected conscious breathing session, nose-nose and with systemic, somatic rebirthing interventions, focused on trauma and with the help of Experiential Human Design.

We end the session talking about what happened in the breath, how you can connect it with your life, and what steps or tasks you can take to integrate into your daily life the deep understandings that you have been able to access.

Single sessions or cycle of ten sessions

You can either do individual sessions in which you understand and transform aspects of your life, or you can do a ten-session process in which you also learn to give yourself your own Conscious Breathing sessions autonomously and on your own.

What is an intensive cycle?

An intensive cycle is a process of ten sessions over a twelve-day block or two five-day blocks.

You can come to Pamplona (Spain) to do it, and there is also the possibility that I move to a place more convenient for you and organize this intensive cycle there.

If this resonates with you, contact me and we’ll discuss in more detail.

Courses and training



Rebirthing workshops are an opportunity to work on important aspects of your personal development in a group.

In the workshops we do individual conscious breathing sessions guided by peers and supervised by a team of assistants and myself. We also do awareness exercises, meditations, group dynamics, constellations, and we integrate Experiential Human Design.

Check my agenda for the Rebirthing workshops I offer.


In the workshops we work on different topics:

  • Natal (birth) script
  • inner child
  • creative mind
  • body awareness
  • internal teenager
  • abundance
  • leadership
  • holistic health
  • trauma and body
  • being in a couple
No. of sessions

The weekend workshops include two breathing sessions.


The workshops are weekends, from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon.

Comprehensive training and professional development


If you want to go deeper into Rebirthing, you can follow the one-year Comprehensive Training and the two-year Professional Development training.

In the Comprehensive Training you acquire the personal experience necessary to be autonomous in your breathing sessions and to deepen your own personal growth process.

In the Professional Development training you learn to guide other people in their breathing sessions and in their therapeutic process. You train as a professional rebirther with the help of an entire system of supervision of your work.


The Training covers the following topics:

  • Body awareness
  • Mastery over the mind
  • Transgenerational axis
  • Natal (birth) script
  • Inner child
  • Adolescence
  • Adult life
  • Purpose
  • Leadership
  • Prosperity
  • Work with the Elements
  • Health
  • Being in a Couple
  • Communication

The Training combines different techniques:

  • Rebirthing
  • Family constellations
  • Experiential Human Design
  • Trauma Work
  • Zen Counselling
  • Osho active meditations
  • Veeresh Social Meditations

Topics in Professional Development:

  • Therapeutic attitude
  • Advanced techniques for correcting breathing deviations
  • Deepening in advanced techniques to support vital processes and awareness
  • Communication techniques
  • Integration of meditation into therapy
  • Professional topics:
  • How to guide a breathing session
  • How to guide a spiritual psychology session
  • How to guide a 10-session process
  • Reborn-client dynamics
  • Rebirth in special cases such as children, adolescents, pregnant women and the sick
  • Energetic and emotional self-regulation as rebirthers
  • Professional management
  • Case supervision
No. of sessions

The Comprehensive Training consists of eight weekend modules and a four-day nature retreat.

Professional Developement consists of eight one-weekend, two-session modules and a five-day nature retreat.


The duration of both the Comprehensive Training and the Professional Development is 10 months each.

Inner Teen


When you were a teenager you wanted to take on the world and you dreamed a lot and you wanted to fly… and then, a day comes when you see yourself as an adult without as much energy, enthusiasm, or desire to fly.

In this weekend experiential workshop, I accompany you to regain your adolescent momentum with your adult wisdom. To return to those dreams, but with the know-how of your experience. To return to that trust, but from your resources and security of now.

I invite you to revisit your inner adolescent in order to live more fully today as a replete and happy adult.


In this workshop we will work with different tools to recover the enthusiasm of your adolescence and integrate it into your current life:

  • We will do conscious breathing sessions of Rebirthing
  • We will investigate what was left pending in your adolescence in order to give you what you needed.
  • We will participate in the Tan-Ju Meditation of the Osho Humaniversity , a social meditation specially designed for adolescents by Veeresh.
  • We will create a plan to return to your dreams, updated with the person you are today.
  • We will dance, reflect, meditate, laugh and fly together.
No. of sessions

The workshop takes place over 13 hours, divided into a full day on Saturday and until 3:00 p.m. on Sunday

Next dates

To find out the next dates, please check my agenda.

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