If what you want is to enjoy a Women’s Circle,

the best thing is to create it yourself.

I accompany you step by step so that you achieve this with pleasure.

The beauty of a circle of women is nourishing and transformative.

I have been passionate about Women’s Circles for years and being part of several of them makes me feel that I am nourished and growing more and more in this beautiful and cared for environment. It all started when I finished my Doula training in Madrid. For a year I had had such a lovely group of sisters where I could be me, that I wanted to enjoy something similar in Pamplona (Spain), the city where I live. I searched in Pamplona and not finding any established Circle, I then decided to listen to Grandmother Margarita who says: “And when I have a wish, I grant it to myself”, and thus I created the   Women’s Circle in Pamplona, which still exists since 2011.

The Women’s Circles are really beautiful and I can only wish for you to have the experience of living them yourself.

There was a time when I was looking for how to create a Women’s Circle, and I started with an essential book that is a gem given to us by Jean Shinoda Bolen and called “The Millionth Circle.” That book inspired me so much that I launched the Pamplona New Moon Circle in 2011 with a session that I designed myself. It went so well, that that session is now part of a Women’s Circle Starter Kit that I can send you for free if you wish.

Get your FREE EBOOK with some ideas to create your own Women’s Circle

I give you as a gift the Starter Kit for a Women’s Circle. In this guide you will find a suggested script for the first session of a Circle. In Pamplona it has worked very well and I have friends from other cities who have also done great with it. In the kit there are different, very practical materials that I hope will be of help to you.

ONLINE Women’s Circle Facilitator Course

After many years of enjoying Women’s Circles, and after many requests from women like you who wanted to create their own Women’s Circle, I decided to compile my experience and that of many beautiful and wise women (see panel of invited experts below ) to offer it to those women who have the call to create a Women’s Circle and who need to feel accompanied in this process. I invite you to immerse yourself in the precious universe of Women’s Circles. For me it is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself.

What is the course about and why do it?

I have created especially for you who wants to experience the magic of Women’s Circles this online Women’s Circle Facilitator Course, that teaches you to get to know Women’s Circles and create one for yourself and the women around you.

An accreditation diploma is delivered upon submitting all the proposed tasks.

Who is it for?

This course is for you if you feel the desire to create your own circle of women and want to receive clear and easy guidance in a loving way.

It is especially designed for those people who need flexible schedules and to be able to train at their own pace.


Individual work with videos, materials and interactive learning activities with restricted access for female students.

Materials created by a beautiful group of wise women who share their experience. Consult Our Experts.

This course is divided into four phases:

  • Dreaming of a Circle
  • Planning a Circle
  • Making a circle
  • Celebrating a Circle

Access the materials when you register.

After the course you have permanent access to a resource library for alumni.

Combines individual and group work, both synchronous and asynchronous.

Tutoring of the learning process.

Supervised internships: Students will have to do internships with other women in their environment.


The course lasts four weeks with a minimum dedication of 16 hours (12 hours in individual work and 4 hours in two group classes) and more than 35 hours of in-depth materials.

There are two 2-hour group classes via video conference (Tuesday, 9-11 p.m. Spanish time)

Next dates

Course start: Whenever you want you can start working on your dream.

September 2023, Women’s Circles Facilitator online course.

Classes by videoconference:
Class 1: Tuesday, September 12, 2023, from 20:30-22:30h. (Madrid time)
Class 2: Tuesday, September 26, 2023, from 20:30-22:30h. (Madrid time)

To check upcoming dates, please send me a message:

by Whatsapp on +34 652 49 86 67
and I’ll tell you more.


For you

The experience of this online course is extremely nourishing and beautiful, and that is precisely what is perceived in the words and faces of some of the students from previous courses. Don’t be left wanting to feel like you belong to something bigger than yourself. In these 4 minutes Cristina, Eva María, Marta, Pau and Rossy, among others, share their personal experience so that you can allow yourself to have your own ❤

I talk many times about the magic that Women’s Circles emit to me. And the more years I spend in Círculos, the greater the magic I perceive. This is precisely why I smile deep down to my bones as each gathering for the online Women’s Circle Facilitator Course approaches. It is a very experiential course that wants to be the creative and nurturing matrix of other future Women’s Circles, therefore, I consider it a Circle of Circles, where beautiful women dream and make their own Circles come true, shining in their feminine power.

Our experts

It is a pleasure to have the rich experience of these wise women in the Online Women’s Circle Facilitator Course, whose contribution I feel is very nourishing:

Amaia Ariztegi

A sociology graduate, doula and specialist in hormonal yoga, she is a Zen shiatsu masseuse, dedicated to female cycles and a student of the female sexual tao.

Cecilia Blanco

Cecilia is a sociologist, writer, celebrator, creative, mother, singer, curious, observer, wild, sketcher. She is the creator of the Rites of Passage project.

Icíar Burgos

He studied industrial technical engineering and has dedicated himself to the business world. She is currently a transpersonal education coach and Mindfulness consultant.

Dulcina Gómez Araujo

Dulcina graduated in Naturopathy, Dietetics and Nutrition, Master in Communication Techniques, Group Dynamics and Transpersonal Psychology, Master in Natural Medicine and P.N.L. Gestalt, Wellness Coach.

Mayra Rafaella Fariña

Facilitator in Healing Therapies and Feminine Spirituality. She is the author of the “Oracle of the Feminine Energy”© and innate researcher, Reiki Master, Flower Therapist, Tarotist, Gemotherapist.

María José Llorente Wattenberg

Professional art therapist, creator of the School of Imagination and visual artist. Specialist in humanities, fine arts, cultural management, movement and Art Therapy.

Rocío Madreselva

Melodic singer-songwriter born in Huelva. He has self-released four cd’s: “Barda”, “Miedo o amor”, “Naturaleza en paz”, “Soy luz” and “Apapacha la Mama”.

Sonia Martínez

Poet, singer and composer of consciousness songs, facilitator of women’s circles, moon mother, doula training and akashic records reading, among other therapies.

Marta Martínez de Arellano

It helps professionals and companies to achieve different results, more aligned with themselves and more efficient in the market.

Cristina Mingueza

Psychologist and Gestalt and Bioenergetic Therapist. As she likes to say, Cristina is a continuous learner in the school of life.

María Muñoz Cobo

Expert in women’s cycles and sexuality. It provides women and girls with enriching and healthy ways to experience the years before and after their first “period”, or menopause.

Maite Palacios

Agricultural engineer and nature lover. She is an expert in medicinal plants and their cosmetic and therapeutic uses. She offers various techniques of energetic therapies Renaciora, yoga teacher and Ayurveda masseuse.

Xóchitl Rivas

Specialist in Natural and Alternative Medicine, as well as in the Therapeutic use of Medicinal Plants and Floral Medicine of Edward Bach. Xóchitl is Chief of Danza Conchera, Saumadora and Temazcalera.

Laura Unzue

Laura is a facilitator of Biodanza “Otra mirada” trained by Vitor Lemelle. She has been teaching weekly group classes since 2005 and weekend workshops since 2008. Facilitates Mindfulness groups.

The materials in the Women’s Circle Facilitator Online Course are filled with the wisdom of these and many other women.

Get your FREE EBOOK with some ideas to create your own Women’s Circle

I give you as a gift the Starter Kit for a Women’s Circle. In this guide you will find a suggested script for the first session of a Circle. In Pamplona it has worked very well and I have friends from other cities who have also done great with it. In the kit there are different, very practical materials that I hope will be of help to you.

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